What is the CNN Global NewsView Panel?

It is an online community of members who have an active interest in international news, all of which have registered to participate in research studies for CNN International. These studies are on various topics that will help shape the future of CNN international.

How do I become an active member of the CNN Global NewsView Panel?

When you have registered with the CNN Global NewsView Panel, you will be invited to take part in research studies or surveys. To help us send you the most relevant surveys, you will be asked to complete a short profile questionnaire on registering with the community.

Surveys will be sent to you via an email invitation, which includes a hyperlink to the research questions. By clicking on the link, you will be taken to the survey, where you can fill in your responses. The types of survey you receive will vary: the shorter questionnaires that we send help us to get to know you better and ensure that we tailor future research to you.

Sometimes we will send you newsletters and information about CNN International that we think you might find interesting

What information do I need to provide in the profile survey?

The questionnaire is around 5-10 minutes in length and includes questions which help us to understand you as a member and your viewing habits and preferences. Your answers allow us to ensure that the panel is reflective of our viewers across the globe. The information you provide to use in the profile questionnaire allows us to ensure your panel experience is more relevant to you.

What device can I use to complete a survey?

All of our surveys have been designed to allow you to answer them on any device. Some surveys may have lists that will require you to scroll to see all the answer options.

If you decide to complete the survey on a mobile device, the surveys should display correctly. Sometimes we may ask you to view a video within the survey therefore we recommend completing the survey when you have a Wi-Fi connection so as to not use up your data allowance.

Why haven't I received any surveys?

We aim to send you surveys on a regular basis along with newsletters and other interesting information.

We will always email you if there is a new survey or newsletter. Please ensure that your email provider is not blocking emails from cnnglobalnewsview.com

How long to I have to complete a survey?

Each survey we send may vary in length though typically should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

If you are unable to complete the survey in one sitting, you can close down your browser. The next time you click back in to the link you will carry on from the last question you answered.

We understand you may not be able to complete every survey straight away, however each survey is typically open for up to a week.

Why can't I open a survey?

Please note that not all internet providers allow users to click on links within their email. If you are unable to gain access to our survey please try the following:

1. Copy and paste the link from your email into the browser address box and press enter. This will take you directly to the correct page
2. Ensure you copy the entire web address into the browser as sometimes the link can spread over two lines.
3. Make sure when you copy the link it does not contain any line breaks as this will also stop the link from working.

We recommend that you use Internet Explorer to take our surveys as some of them may not be compatible with other browsers.

I have realised I have picked the wrong answer. Can I go back and change my reply?

Unfortunately, once you submit an answer on a survey, you are not allowed to change your answer. We do this to protect the survey data - not to annoy you!

We realize there are times when a panellist makes an honest mistake and clicks on the wrong button but unfortunately we cannot go back and change our data.

At the end of each survey there will be a comments box, if you feel that you may have provided us with the wrong answer please mention it there and we will do our best to resolve this.

Why is the survey closed?

The majority of our surveys are open for a week. However, some surveys are more popular than others and close quickly.

We always try to limit the number of members we invite so that everyone has a fair chance of answering the survey. We cannot always predict how popular a survey may be, and sometimes surveys unexpectedly close quickly.

Please also check if you have already completed that survey.

Will you protect personal information that I have given you?

Yes we will!

We will never contact you for marketing purposes. We will not share your details with any external party. The information you provide us will be used for research purposes only. Please see our Privacy Policy, which explains how we process your personal data as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998. The Privacy Policy can be found at the bottom of this page.

Where is my data being held?

This panel is powered by our partners at Research Now.

Research Now is one of the largest market research firms in the world. They have a number of global panels, program online surveys, have over 1100 employees worldwide, and run communities like this one. You can check them out online by visiting www.researchnow.com

Will my profile information be sold to other companies?

The information collected by Research Now on behalf of CNN International it is not sold or distributed to any company. All information is strictly confidential and privacy is guaranteed. Your name will never be sold, exchanged, or distributed to any other party without your express acknowledgement. See our Privacy Policy for complete details.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

Please go to the forgotten password section on the homepage http://www.cnnglobalnewsview.com You will be prompted to enter your email address. Your password will be sent directly to your Inbox.

Is there a minimum period of membership?

No. If you wish to unsubscribe, you will find an Unsubscribe button on every survey you receive. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe anytime by going to the Unsubscribe section on your member page or by contacting us.

What is the incentive for participating in the Community?

As a thank you for taking part we will give you the chance to vote from a list of well-known charities at the end of every survey you take. Each month, the CNN Global NewsView team will donate a total of $500 USD amongst the charities we have available for donations.

How long will I remain on the panel?

You may remain on the panel as long as you choose to participate. Members may remove themselves from Global NewsView at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button found at the bottom of the emails that you receive from us.